Friday, 27 June 2014

3 million and nth Raspberry Pi

I made up my mind to buy a Raspberry Pi after more than 3 million have been sold. As they cost less than a decent meal in Western countries, I wouldn't be at all surprised if more than 2 million of them lay idle. Mine certainly wasn't an impulse purchase but it remains to be seen whether I'll actually make good use of it.

At the time I ordered my Raspberry Pi, I had a choice of a Model A or waiting for more Model Bs to arrive. My impatience got the better of me. After the Raspberry Pi arrived, I went out and bought a power supply and a USB hub to go with it. I borrowed the keyboard and mouse from an old desktop computer, the TV and HDMI lead from the bedroom and the USB to Ethernet converter that I have for my laptop.

Although, the Raspberry Pi foundation recommends using a powered hub, the warnings about "back feeds" in the Raspberry Pi FAQs put me off. (I probably try to get a powered hub that has been specially designed for the Raspberry Pi later on). The power supply that I bought is rated at 1v and the Model A consumed up to half of that. There is plenty left to power the keyboard, mouse and ethernet connection. I've yet to try adding a USB memory stick but I'm hopeful there will be sufficient power for one of them too.

I bought a Noobs SD Card with the Raspberry Pi so installation was easy. I backed up the Noobs card on my laptop (which thankfully has a builtin SD card slot) and simply followed the onscreen instructions. I chose to install Raspian. My Raspberry Pi was up and running in the time it takes to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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