Thursday, 24 July 2014

Compling JFFI on Raspberry Pi

I was trying to get JRuby working on my Raspberry Pi so that I could install Ruby Shoes 4. One problem that I came across was that JRuby won't run with the installed version of the Java Foreign Function Interface (JFFI). I found a solution in the JRuby Github Issues.

These are the commands to enter in the terminal:

cd ~
pi@raspberrypi:~$ git clone git:// jffi.git
cd jffi.git
ant jar
sudo cp /usr/lib
rm -r jffi.git

That got me past the JRuby issue with the JFFI, then I ran into a issue when JRuby tried to import java.lang.reflect.Modifier. It is apparent a bug in the Iced Tea Open JDK ARM builds.

I've decided to wait for a while and see if the issue get resolved before trying any other alternatives.

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